Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet is a combination of blockchain technology and biometric identification system as well as a single portable tool to manage multiple types of crypto assets. Our goal is to provide you with as much flexibility in your digital currency needs as possible. We simplify the process of making payments, as well as trading and exchanging digital currencies and gold among users with real-time price monitoring facility. You will be able to utilize digital currencies in your daily activities as a customer or merchant through the integration with our NFC Smart Card, VISA Debit Card and payment gateway platform.

Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet is where you can store your cryptocurrency in mobile wallet as if you would keep it inside your pocket. It is safe, secure, convenient to use and contain many other features that you expect from a digital wallet.

There’s limitless usage of our Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet.

For one account it is applicable for only one phone number. If you have more than one phone number, you are required to create another new account.

Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet can be used globally as long as you have the cryptocurrency that are accepted in your location.

There is only English language available for Blockchains.My Mobile wallet.

For any enquiries related with the Blockchains.MY Mobile Wallet, you may send to

You need to complete all level of verification to utilize the apps wallet. The first stage level is email verification followed by phone verification, identity verification, photo verification and lastly address verification. In addition to that, you need to attach any required documents that need to be uploaded.

There’s no limit of money that you can store into Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet.

Recharge is a feature which you can top up your NFC Card buy turning asset in Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet into fiat money.

Purchase asset is a term for user who want to buy any of the cryptocurrencies in BCMY wallet.

User need to request other user wallet address and they need to copy and sent the request to the valid wallet address.

User need to check their balance first before proceeds with the transferring of assets.

For P2P, the fees charged is depend on the individual as anyone is free to set their own transaction fees.

No. Once it has been successfully sent, it can’t be retrieved back unless the other user is willing to send back the assets to the owner.

First, user need to open any dashboard either BTC, ETH or DNC. Then, user need to click the option button by choosing “Request” button. In “Request” button, they have three option:1)Scan QR code2)Copy wallet address3)Email address

User can share their same wallet address as many as they want but it is at their own risk.

No, you can’t transfer out money from NFC card to your bank account.

There have daily cash limit based on your level. Please refer level limits information in your Blockchains.My Mobile wallet.

In the event that you suspect an unauthorized transaction, please check your "Transactions" history and immediately inform us by submitting a request. We will investigate and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

For any transactions from Blockchains.My wallet to NFC card or from NFC card into Blockchains.My wallet there will charged 5% per transaction.For transactions between users, the fee varies according to the traffic in the public blockchain network.

User can download and install mobile app available on Play Store for android or App Store for Iphone and click sign up button and register.

There are two possible reasons why this might have happened:1) You entered the mobile number wrongly2) Your mobile number may have been used by someone else prior to you registering for a Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet accountIf this issue persists, please share details with us by submitting a request. We're happy to help you out!

You need PIN or Passphrase to login and authorize transaction purposes.

You can reset password by click at the forget password to create a new one.

We are unable to retrieve or reset users’ unique passphrase. Please be advised to keep your passphrase in a safe place and retrievable for you only.

You can refer to our official social medias:Facebook: there are any important announcements, we will send an Email to our users