Dear Beloved Users,

More than 1 year, our team has done our researched and seek plenty of consultations on how we are going to operate Blockchains.My while complying with the rules and regulations. Finally, yesterday, Securities Commission of Malaysia has invited representatives of all local operatives of Digital Assets Wallets, which we had the opportunity to be invited and participated to the briefing.

To summarize the briefing yesterday, all digital asset mobile wallets including Blockchains.My need to comply with the rules, setup by the Securities Commission of Malaysia during the transition period before getting the complete picture of the new regulations. Soon, Securities Commission will release the application to apply for the license.

The transition period is starting from 17th January 2019 until 1st March 2019.

The rules during the transition period are:
1. No new users allowed.
2. No exchange features are allowed.
3. No marketing activities or promotion allowed.
4. New features/products/services are not allowed to be released.

Next, Securities Commission of Malaysia has mentioned regarding the withdrawals. All audiences and committee have discussed this matter thoroughly yesterday. We would like to highlight;

1. Withdrawals of fiat money or cash are only allowed to any pre ICO or fundraising projects. So, if the project is still in the fundraising period, the project committee needs to return all the investments back to the users/investors.

2. Blockchains.My has been developed and published since 2017.

3. Thus, Blockchains.My will not return or liquidate all users’ assets and return to the users.

4. However, users are still able to do Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions. Users can transfer their assets from Blockchains.My Mobile Wallet to another internal/external wallet.

5. Users can liquidate assets by doing P2P, in terms of buying and selling between other users or any individuals.

6. We are very grateful that Blockchains.My has been recognized by one of the important agency in Malaysia and been given an opportunity to apply for the license. It will be one of Blockchains.My greatest achievements once our application has been approved.

With the new regulations coming up and new rules that our team need to follow, several plans will be delayed. This is because, getting the official authorization to operate is our primary concern.

We are excited to announce that, we are on the right track. Our team will not be able to make this far without the support of all our users. Keep believe in us, as we are trying very hard to be the best financial solution platform.

Please stay updated and share this important announcement to your colleagues, partners, friends and family.

For further reference on the press release by Securities Commission of Malaysia, you can refer here

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Thank you,
-BCMY Management-