An API (or “Application Programming Interface”) enables a server to interact as it receives and sends responses. It is basically an intermediary software that allows two applications to communicate with each other. Without realizing it, people actually interact with APIs nearly every day – an example is every time you enter a website’s URL to the address bar in your browser/smartphone. When you request to access a certain website’s URL, what’s actually happening is a request is made from your application (browser) and then sent to the other party’s application (website’s remote server), enabling you to load their pages. Thus, if you are about to go visit Facebook, what you are doing is actually entering API codes (in the form of Facebook’s URL) to connect to their server. Facebook then receives this request and reads it by opening their public server, which is the site’s main layout and user interface.

In terms of more specific use cases, APIs are also useful to help enable easier, safer, and more practical payment options.

And that’s exactly why we’re using APIs at We have carefully selected and handpicked the best and most solid payment APIs, and integrate them with our unique, cutting-edge features, to make paying simpler, therefore providing our users with the best experience in using their digital assets to pay for services and goods.

Exchange-Based Payments

This is one of our most popular payment methods. By creating and implementing APIs from our partner exchanges, we can connect your exchange data, information, and wallets to our BCMY wallet. This will enable you to safely interact with your various coins and spend them as you like. You will no longer need to go and open each exchange’s page, enter your login details, go through various time-wasting captchas and confirmations. Simply start up your BCMY wallet and send payments with only a few taps of your fingers!

Don’t forget to integrate your exchanges’ APIs first though. You can find the API keys after you log into your exchange accounts. These are usually provided by exchanges for free – without any additional fee – and you would need to enter each of them to have them integrated with your BCMY wallet. If you cannot find the information from their website, simply reach out to them and ask to be provided with an API key to enable transactions (sending payments) from your online exchange wallet. One simple thing that you need to keep in mind would be not to share your private keys of your exchange wallet (or any other wallet, really) to anyone. Never do it under any circumstances, for anyone who knows your private key can easily steal your assets.


With the growing use of QR codes as one of the more popular payment methods, we are also adopting this unique system by implementing APIs. These APIs will then connect with the server that the QR codes represent, enabling you to send payment to the correct recipients. The APIs under this payment option do not need you to manually set them up yourself, for we have integrated them for you. This means all that’s left to do is for you to choose the cryptocurrency that’s required to pay and continue with the whole paying process. Paying is now easier then ever – simply scan the QR codes that your favorite merchants provide, and – within seconds – they will receive your payment and you can safely head back home with their products!

Biometric Identification

Not only are we concerned about making a faster, easier payment process for you, but we are not forgetting the fact that security should be the top priority. We have built and implemented a special feature that utilizes facial recognition and verification technology. By making good use of Microsoft’s Azure API, there would be no one else in the world – no one but you that can access your BCMY wallet – unless maybe you have an identical twin or doppelganger.

Upon registering with BCMY, you will be asked to provide us with a photograph of yourself. Make sure this photo has a clear shot of your face – ideally, it’s a full close-up of your face taken from the front, steady at eye level. This photo will then be saved by the app and used as a cross-checking tool. The next time you are about to login and access the wallet, our technology and API will make sure that your real-time face photos (spontaneous, direct scannings of your face at the time you are about to access your wallet) match the one photo that you provided during registration.

This means an extra security layer has been set in place for you. Thus, all users of our BCMY wallet never need to worry about storing their precious digital assets and having other APIs implemented within our app, for we are making sure that only registered users can access their own specific accounts.

As the worldwide population starts to embrace and adopt blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we will continue to keep making innovations to provide our users with the best cutting-edge features, ensuring a quick, efficient, and wonderful experience – and helping the adoption of crypto in general. New security measures may also be implemented as we carefully assess risks and the demands of our users. With this, we hope to be able to continue to serve you even better and be the top one-stop-solution for storage, trading, payment, and security purposes for your digital assets.