Gone are the days when all people used to bring was cash in their wallet to do their grocery shopping. As we head further into this modern era of our world, a lot of different payment options are rising – some even get really popular, like PayPal. However, this doesn’t mean the development of new payment methods has stopped. With the invention of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we can now send money online through the blockchain and from one digital wallet to another. This is where we come into play – with our secure and advanced, multi-asset, Blockchains.my (BCMY) digital wallet app that implements the latest cutting-edge technologies, so you can easily and safely spend and transfer your assets to be used towards your daily purchases, trading activities, or even speculative investments. Who says paying has to be a hassle?

Our various payment options include:


While this one might seem basic, we have implemented a large number of cryptocurrencies in our app, giving you a wide array of options in regards to which cryptocurrency you want to use for online payment purposes (of course this could also depend on your favorite retailer’s choice of adopted cryptocurrencies!).

We recently added a coin that’s in the top 3 by market cap (as of the writing of this article), Ripple (XRP). By implementing Ripple, we believe we will be able to help more people adopt this leading cryptocurrency by using it as a payment method. Paying using Ripple is as easy as transferring your XRP tokens from your wallet to another. It takes just a few clicks of commands and your XRP transfer request will be broadcasted to the blockchain. Within a few seconds or minutes, it will reach the retailer’s wallet and you can walk home with the products that you have just purchased from them.

We have also implemented DinarCoin, a cryptocurrency that offers more stability in terms of price. This stability is made possible because DinarCoin’s value is backed by the worldwide gold spot price. Sending it as payment is also as easy as you would spend XRP. It works on a blockchain too, so it is an alternative payment option that is fast and much more stable than most cryptocurrencies.

QR Codes

Having its roots of development starting in the 1960s, QR codes have become one of the most practical means of scanning items and sending payments through the network these days. As QR codes have become more widely used and adopted, we have decided to incorporate them into our wallet, enabling you to send online payments easily.

By using our built-in scanner software that utilizes the camera on your smartphone, you can scan merchants’ QR codes, and voila! The payment information needed will then be displayed and you just have to make a few taps to complete the purchase. Typically this kind of payment takes only a few seconds.

NFC Smart Cards

NFC (Near Field Communication) Smart Cards are basically wireless communication technology that makes data exchanges possible between devices that are near to each other. By having a chip in a specially-designed card, NFC can transfer data up to 424 Kilobytes/second.

With its own radio frequency, NFC doesn’t generally interfere with other electronic devices either, making it a convenient method of payment. Sending payments through the NFC Smart Card is as easy as getting two devices close to each other, typically by having them separated by only a few centimeters. These devices can be two different smartphones, or your smartphone that has the BCMY Wallet App installed with a contactless card reader that merchants have on standby in their physical stores.

Debit Card

While this feature is not yet implemented, we have heard your suggestions and plan on implementing a payment option via a debit card included in our BCMY Wallet app. This means you’ll be able to spend your digital assets wherever conventional Visa cards are accepted, enabling even easier purchases and spending of your digital assets. Stay tuned as we are preparing the work behind the scenes to make paying easier for you!

Other Information

In-wallet trading

We have an in-wallet trading function, with a live price monitor. This means you can easily buy/sell cryptocurrencies that we support, as well as convert one cryptocurrency to another. By having this function built in as an add-on, we make trading practical and easy for you – without the need to login to an exchange.

Merchant Map

We have worked with many merchants, corporations, and institutions all around the world – including BitGo and NusPay. Areas that we cover – where we have these merchants located – are currently Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, USA, and Great Britain. With our interesting reward programs for merchants, we get requests from various establishments to be included on the map, places that accept cryptocurrency payments. You can even be put on the map if you want to offer products or services in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Merchants themselves have some listing options that they can choose from: they can either set up an online listing payment method, or have our devices sent and infrastructure prepared at their physical store locations. This way, users can also have the freedom to choose to look for online or physical merchants, or the ones that have both options available.

P2P Chat

Among our various features, we also have a P2P chat option, so users can chat among themselves.

With all the current features and plans for future developments, we hope to serve our users in the best possible manner. Not only are these features and plans beneficial for payment purposes, but they can also enhance our users’ personal finances. We’ll continue developing and making innovations, thus, check out our website to stay in touch with the latest updates!

Just in case you haven’t downloaded our wallet, click here and get it for free. Enjoy your wallet and the ability to spend, trade, and invest in crypto and digital gold like never before! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need any supporting assistance.