You probably know about our (BCMY) digital wallet app. You may also know about its features that implement the latest cutting-edge technologies such as QR Code Payments, NFC technology, and biometric facial recognition, etc. And then there’s another thing: the BCMY Merchant feature – that you might have also learned about from some of our previous articles on our blog. It’s a separate application, which is the focus of this article. If you’re considering to be one of our partner merchants, then let’s take a deeper look into it.

The merchant application is one that we have carefully thought about and developed over quite some time. You can download it from the PlayStore here. As the name suggests, it is specially designed for merchants who want to be featured on our app.

With the merchant application, you can post the products or services that you are selling. These products and/or services will then be shown to viewers/users of our original BCMY wallet app, where they can learn more about your business and pay for your products and/or services with cryptocurrencies. You can take a look at our past blog article entitled “Hypothetical Merchant Scenario”, for an example, but here’s the basic drill:

Suppose you’re the owner of a retail store in Jakarta. While you may initially sell glasses as a hobby, you might find that your business is having a growing demand as customers keep coming and promoting your store to their acquaintances.

Supposing that’s the case, you then decide to move to a new location that provides a larger space: for example, you may have decided to rent a new store in Jakarta’s Central Business District. At first glance, this might seem fine, however, as your business continues to prosper, more and more cash in the form of bank notes keep on coming to your store. This has resulted in you needing to purchase a professional cash register, security cameras, and perhaps even hire a security firm to make sure that your money stays secure in the store, and when you’re about to deposit it in the bank.

With the BCMY merchant app, every process can be much simpler. You will be able to list your products online, customers will be able to browse around your various products and/or services, select the ones that they like, and pay for them (which only takes a few taps and a few seconds). This can be a great option for in-store or online purchases.

That’s how easy it is with our merchant app: no more hassle of storing a lot of cash in your store, and no more costs of hiring a security firm. Once payment is confirmed in your wallet, you can start packing the goods and post them to your customers.

Starting out is as simple as the whole process itself: after downloading the app, you simply need to register as a merchant. Follow the whole process and you will be asked to provide some information (such as your full name, mobile number, email address, and photographs of your products) for manual verification. We would also ask you to confirm your store’s physical location so that we can list you on our merchant map, therefore enabling you to get greater exposure.

You can specify the prices of your products in cryptocurrency. When everything has been confirmed, we will approve your account and publish the products that you have uploaded on a special merchant page. This is then what customers will see as they browse through thousands of merchants to find the products and/or services that they are looking for.

There are some unique features/sections that will be beneficial for you:

Biometric facial identification

Since we are implementing Microsoft’s Azure API, your login will be easy and safe as it’s only you who can access the backend of your store.

Integrated NFC (Near Field Communication)

We have also integrated NFC, which means incoming users to your physical store will be easily able to make payments by tapping your NFC card as a merchant on their phone.


This is where you will also be able to spend/exchange your crypto assets, aside from having your business listed to be seen by thousands of users.

The merchant app is very easy to use. Upon registering and logging in, you will see the merchant dashboard as your homepage. There’ll be your name, your store’s name, and your phone number. Below this personal information section, you get four menus to access: payments (where you see payments sent to/from your account), transactions (where you see the latest transactions from/to your account), settlements (in case  you have disputes – which we genuinely hope you won’t), and sign out (which logs you out of the app).

Operating the whole app is also simple as we have conducted countless hours of research in creating the ultimate app that not only helps our customers, but also you as a merchant. Browsing and doing any kind of transactions will feel effortless, so whether you’re a veteran tech-savvy person or a beginner who has just learned about the blockchain and our app, everything will still be easy to figure out.

As we continue to embrace the future and revolution of digital payments which reduce the use of fiat currency, we can be hopeful that we will be a very successful apps for merchants and customers alike. We want to be a pioneer, and we will continue to put more effort into developing our app to be better and better. Don’t forget to check out the download link to see if our app would be helpful for you. If you need more info about our wallet, feel free to visit our main website.