The mobile wallet is a mobile application developed using blockchain technology, mobile devices, and advanced biometric security systems of identification. The platform enhances the users’ processes of making payments, buying and selling digital currencies, as well as digital gold, at real-time market prices. To bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency market and conventional financial services, developers integrated the BCMY mobile wallet with NFC (Near Field Communication) Smart Card technology. The wallet is also integrated with VISA Debit Card, QR codes, and also incorporates a payment gateway. Customers and merchants alike will be able to utilize cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day activities while using the BCMY wallet app. Currently, the wallet supports a range of digital assets including: Bitcoin, Ether, Zcash, GSC (Gold Smart Contracts), DNC (DinarCoin), and Ripple (some of these are in the integration progress, updates will be given to all users).

BCMY aims to close the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional banking, and open doors for the unbanked population by offering a financial instrument to stimulate entrepreneurship and create limitless possibilities in the world of the digital economy.


  1. Biometric face identification: A user doesn’t need any documents or signatures to verify their identity. The Wallet employs Microsoft Azure API to recognize users. This guarantees easy and safe login to their account.
  2. Multi-asset management: The platform is multi-asset; thus, it supports multiple top currencies. Users will be able to manage their digital tokens easily on a single platform which is reliable and safe for storing, transferring, buying & selling, and spending their crypto assets.
  3. Integrated with NFC technology: The integration with NFC technology enables users to transfer money through NFC cards by tapping the cards against their phones or at some merchant’s outlets. It also enables another way for users to sell their DNC to other users, and buy cryptos directly from others as well.
  4. Merchant and marketplace features: Here, users can apply to be merchants who can sell digital or physical products. Request for merchant accounts is handled manually. They can also view cryptocurrency accepting merchants using the merchant map.
  5. Secure: The use of blockchain in the app’s development enhances reliability and durability. Furthermore, the decentralized network makes the system extremely hack-resistant, meaning there is less possibility for transactions to be modified. There are multiple steps to log into your account, including the facial recognition mentioned above, and only one device can be logged into your account at a time.
  6. User-friendly: New users will find the BCMY app quite easy to use. Users can transact business effortlessly using the platform, which was designed to accommodate both digital wallet veterans and newbies alike.
  7. Peer-to-Peer buying and selling: This P2P function enables buyers and sellers to connect via GPS.
  8. Instant messaging: The app is equipped with a tool for secure communication between users confidentiality. Through the tool, users can make appointments, negotiate, and exchange news and updates.    
  9. Versatility: The app is a one-stop shop for users’ financial needs. It allows them to shop, sell, send payments, save money, buy & sell, and even chit-chat. Our digital gold options even allow them to greater diversify and hedge their assets.  
  10. Payment gateway: This enables merchants to process their transactions easily and in a secure manner.

Below is a hypothetical scenario of a BCMY merchant who sells used sunglasses in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Farel owns a retail outlet in Jakarta’s Central Business District. He started off selling used glasses from his apartment as a hobby. However, he soon realized that his market was expanding significantly until demand outstripped supply. He then decided to move to a larger store in the city’s CBD. With a larger retail space, Farel decided to import used glasses directly from Europe. As business continued to flourish, Farel started selling his stock in bulk to other small retailers. His business turned out so well that he hit a turnover of $3,000 a day. With the explosive volume of sales, he encountered one problem: too much cash in his retail safe posed a serious threat.  So he contracted a security firm to man the store, although at a cost. It all continued until he stumbled upon an idea of online selling. When he conducted a brief research into the field, he got so thrilled that he decided to venture into it.

It could have been a bumpy start for Farel, luckily, one of his regular clients, Putri had experienced online buying and selling using the BCMY Wallet. After several considerations, Farel resorted to launching his online listings through the BCMY wallet app. He quickly signed up and applied for a merchant account. Farel was then prompted to upload photos of his products and await manual verification of the listings. He also provided his location since the app needed to track and record his location on the merchant map. Since BCMY is a multi-asset wallet, Farel specified his price in USD, Bitcoins, and Ether. After several checks and due diligence, his account was approved and the products got published on a merchant page.

Two days after the listings went live, Farel began getting even more traffic to his physical store. He found out that most of the new buyers had located him through GPS, a feature that the app uses to connect buyers with sellers. Some buyers started buying his products directly online, and the money went straight into his wallet app. Still other buyers who expressed interest in his products were able to chat directly with him through the app’s secure messaging tool. To enhance the user experience, Farel installed an NFC terminal in his store where buyers could easily make payments by tapping their cards against it.

Overall, a lot of advantages accrued due to this move. Aside from the increased security and the low processing fees, he also reduced costs that were previously paid as commissions for various payment methods. His market also surged and went international since he accepted an array of cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. On top of all this, Farel was able to transfer his funds to the bank with the minimum exchange rate; this saw him save considerably and helped to grow his business further.

Unstoppable Digital Payments Wave

The digital revolution has just taken off, and fiat is no longer the sole primary asset for a growing number of people. More and more businesses (including vegetable vendors) are continually embracing digital payments. BCMY is also gaining growing acceptance for its sheer convenience and security. In a world where customer experience means everything, BCMY will continue helping retailers to expand their market, increase sales, and gain a competitive advantage. Consider making use of our mobile wallet today to get the best out of your business and keep it ahead of the curve. As an account holder, you can easily request merchant accounts and unleash your sales potential. Become a cryptocurrency accepting merchant today on the BCMY wallet and get listed on our merchant map.