The World Blockchain Summit just took place in Dubai, from the 24th – 25th of October. It was held at the Dubai Mall, UAE. The event was endorsed by Smart Foundation, as well as by the government agency of Smart Dubai; And it was attended by blockchain experts from around the world, as well as by Dubai government officials and representatives. Hailing from Malaysia, Arai Ezzra, our CEO, got to speak at the event, representing the (BCMY) digital wallet app. We were also pleased to have been a featured sponsor of the event, and our logo even appeared near the top of the front page of the main website!

Dubai is planning to become the first blockchain-powered government by the year 2020, so the tech-packed event was perfect for the region.

The two day event had a large agenda, and it’s speaker lineup was impressive. The 46 speakers represented 16 countries, including: UAE, Netherlands, USA, UK, China, Denmark, Sweden, India, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Luxembourg, Spain, Malaysia, Nigeria, & the Ukraine.

Each speaker was a high profile individual for the company, government, or organization that they represented, including: Smart Dubai Government Establishment, Corporate Strategic Affairs Sector – Department of Economic Development – Government of Dubai, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Commercial Bank of Dubai, The Jibrel Network, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), Simple Token, Blockchain News, Cryptoassets Design Group, Blockchain Partners, ConsenSys, American Blockchain Council, Outlier Ventures, Outlier Capital LLP, Shellpay, Telegraf.Money, DEBIT Coin, Lantmateriet, The Swedish Mapping Cadastral and Land Registration Authority, Cryptodex, Energy Web Foundation, Government of Andhra Pradesh, School of Business Management NMIMS University, Trescon, Startup World Cup, Fenox Venture Capital, Hcash, State of the DApps, Foundation, Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (UK), Metaverse, Coinplus, THIRDact, Etherecash, ObEN, ICOLab Fund, Launch My ICO (USA & India), Blockchain Law Group, BCMY Pte Ltd, Darico, ABCDe Coin Company, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Hacken, Indorse, Mainframe, Mapala,, HSBC, Consensys, Truedonate, Truechain, Ensurity, & Xische & Co.

Ezzra gave his presentation: TECH TALK, on the second day. During this presentation, he was able to introduce the BCMY wallet to the audience. He also got to share about DinarCoins (DNC), the gold price-backed digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, designed by Ezzra’s other company: DinarDirham. DNC is among the digital assets available in our wallet.

Also on the second day of the conference, Ezzra participated in a 10:30-11:15 am Panel Discussion on the: Importance And Benefits Of Smart Contracts. The panel talked about understanding the intersection between blockchain, smart contracts, and IoT, and also on the implications of what some of the brightest minds in the Middle East market are doing and dreaming up. All panelists on stage included:

JAKE VARTANIAN, Founder of Cryptodex

MIRZA ASHRAF BEG, Head of Treasury & Investment Ops and Islamic Operation at Commercial Bank of Dubai

GARRETT MACDONALD, Blockchain Arcitec at Energy Web Foundation

NIKOLAI PERKOV, Chief of Digital Marketing at TrueDonate

ARAI EZZRA, Founder of BCMY Pte Ltd

TALAL TABBAA, Co-founder & Business Development Lead of The Jibrel Network

The moderator of the panel was JAKE VARTANIAN, Founder of Cryptodex.

We really enjoyed our time at the World Blockchain Summit, it wasn’t Arai’s first time at a tech conference in Dubai representing one of his companies, and it probably won’t be the last. We hope to see you at the next one! Keep an eye out on our social media channels for our next event. Our team took some photos of the event! Please enjoy those below. 

Have a great weekend!
The team.


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