This year (2017), (BCMY) was pleased to participate in around 10 different conferences, at various locations around the world. We were sponsors, speakers (at most of the events), and vendors at different times and locations. The infographic below illustrates the details of these conferences for your visual pleasure.

On the 13th – 17th of November, we joined the Singapore Fintech Festival 2017. This prestigious event was organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and brought together a global financial community. Members of government agencies were also present.

On November 4th, we attended the UMNO Social Media Convention, which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event was also attended by government officials, who were encouraging the attendees to shut down political detractors over social media, in light of their then-upcoming elections. opened a booth at the event, promoting our mobile wallet app. We attracted many visitors who wanted to know more about our products.

On the 24th – 25th of October, we attended the World Blockchain Summit, held in Dubai, UAE. Arai Ezzra, our CEO got to speak at the event, representing the (BCMY) digital wallet app. We were also pleased to be a featured sponsor of the event.

On the 11th – 13th of October, we joined ITpro EXPO 2017, which was held in Tokyo, Japan. Thes was a trade exhibition that brought together innovative digital technology companies from around the world. We had the opportunity to speak at the event, as well as to hold a booth as an exhibitor.

From the 28th of September – the 1st of October, we attended the Southeast Asia Fintech Summit 2017, which was also in Kuala Lumpur. The event was geared towards young people, and offered a FinTech seminar with top South-East Asia speakers. was honored to hold an exhibit at the event.

On the 25th – 26th of September, we joined the World Blockchain Forum On Investments And ICOs (A Keynote Event), which was held in London, England. Arai Ezzra was honored to be one of the many speakers from around the world, all of them experts in the fields of blockchain technology and FinTech.

On the 10th – 13th of July, we attended The RISE Conference, held in Hong Kong, China. We were honored to take part in this prestigious event by holding a booth there, and by having our Founder present our blockchain technology to the crowd of attendees.

On the 15th – 16th of July, we joined the LendIt China 2017 Conference, held in Shanghai, China. The event was largely focussed on helping China’s regulators work together with Fintech companies to better help incubate growth. Our Founder was one of the panel speakers.

On the 29th – 30th of May, we attended the 2nd Emerging Asia FinTech & E-Commerce Summit 2017, held in Myanmar. The event was set to deliver first-hand insights and robust opinions from industry experts to help the audience to make better blueprints. was one of the featured event partners.

On the 10th of May, we joined the Keynote’s Annual blockchain Dinner, held in Brussels, Belgium. Keynote is a forum which was created to draw the community together to move blockchain technology forward. Arai Ezzra was honored to be one of the speakers at the event.

Other events we attended:
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We hope you enjoyed this infographic, and learning about how BCMY has been getting our name out there to the community this year, 2017. In Review 2017

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