Welcome to our next round of updates – we have some important news that will be to your benefit. Firstly, we have now integrated Bitgo passwords for greater security of your wallet. Secondly, we are proud to announce that Ripple (XRP) is now available in your wallet! Last but not least, we are updating our DinarCoin (DNC)’s Smart Contract, that in time will allow you to trade them via CoinMarketCap.com. To learn more details, read below.

Bitgo Passwords

What is Bitgo and why the update? Bitgo is a secure platform that provides various payment services, pioneering in some of the most advanced technologies that enables users to store their digital assets safely. With its software processing over $10 billion worth of transactions per month, Bitgo is widely adopted by the most popular digital currencies, some of which are supported by our wallet. A number of well-known exchanges around the world – Genesis and Upbit included – also use Bitgo’s safety protocols for their online wallets. At BCMY, we are making use of Bitgo’s secure passphrase. It’s necessary for us to increase our security standard so that we meet Mastercard’s requirements of integration (which will happen in the near future), bringing more comfort, security, and ease of use to our users.

By doing this, we are set to help you get ready in embracing the future of cryptocurrencies. With Mastercard integration, you’ll have one more way of spending your cryptos to buy groceries, make online purchases, or pay for your flight ticket – literally anything that’s possible to purchase with Mastercard. It’s just like your usual debit/credit card, only this time you get to spend your cryptos in the same way you spend your bank funds!

It is important to note, however, that BCMY’s management will not keep any copies of your passphrase – for our wallet is decentralized. Please remember to keep at least one copy of your passphrase somewhere safe. This is necessary to ensure that all the crypto assets in your BCMY wallet completely belong to you and you only – no one else should have access to them. Alternatively, you can also create several copies of the passphrase and have them safely stored in separate places.

Ripple (XRP) Integration

As the third biggest cryptocurrency (as of May 16th, 2018) in the world, Ripple is holding strong in its position. With May 16th’s trading volume of $478 million, it looks like Ripple isn’t stopping anytime soon as more and more people take notice of it.

Well, tell you what! We thank you for giving your precious feedback to us! We’ve heard it and have added Ripple (XRP) to the list of cryptocurrencies that our wallet supports. This means you can now do transactions and store Ripple in your BCMY wallet.

If you don’t know what Ripple is all about yet, it’s a digital asset that aims to provide payment solutions for enterprises. Some of these solutions include providing enterprises with faster payments (that take only 4 seconds), on-demand liquidity sourcing based on real time, and reach expansion into new markets. This has made Ripple very popular among enterprises, even some of the more traditional institutions like banks (who are usually thought to be against cryptocurrencies) are looking into their system.

It is reported that more than 100 global clients are already working with the company behind Ripple – this includes adoptions by some of the biggest economic powers. You can now also participate by taking advantage of Ripple’s rising value. Simply buy XRP anytime you want and be at ease, because now you know that you can store their coins in your wallet!

DNC Smart Contract Upgrade

We have now upgraded our DinarCoin’s (DNC) Smart Contract. We believe that this upgrade is necessary because it provides us with the initial step towards wider adoption.

We are preparing for our DinarCoin to be launched in CoinMarketCap (CMC). As a website that’s visited by roughly 1.6 million of people per day (per data found on May 16th, 2018), CMC is one of the most popular crypto authority websites out there, so we think it will have quite an impact on promoting our DinarCoin once it’s live on the website.

With CMC, you’ll be able to purchase and sell DinarCoin on their platform anytime you want, globally. Since DinarCoin is backed by the spot price of gold, we believe it has a lot of room to grow.

Updating Your BCMY Wallet App

To start enjoying our new features and upgrades, make sure you update your existing BCMY wallet app from the Google PlayStore. If your phone’s auto-update feature is turned off, visit the application’s direct link here and click on the green update button.

Upon updating, you will be required to set a passphrase for the first time. Make a careful choice and only use a passphrase that you can remember, then take note of it. Again – keep this password secure because we will not hold a copy of it. Follow the necessary steps and instructions, then you can login. After logging in, create new addresses for your Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and DinarCoin (DNC).

That’s all there is to it, you’re now all set! Please take note though that it might take us a few hours to update your wallet’s balance – guaranteed, no balance will be lost and everything will show up the same way as it is now in your BCMY app once the update is finished.

We hope you enjoy this batch of updates. We are constantly making upgrades and improving our product to benefit our users, so this is not the end – you can expect other cool updates in the future! We are very happy to facilitate our users’ needs.

We wish you a more pleasant journey in the crypto world with us!

Update your BCMY wallet app as soon as possible. If you have any question or need any assistance, feel free to contact us by sending an email to support@blockchains.my.