Announcement – 09/01/2018

Dear users,

Unfortunately, we must draw your attention to a mistaken identity mix up in Malaysia today involving BCMY.

On the 6th of January, 2018, a television channel in Malaysia, Rtm Tv1, spread some news about the “copycashcoin” cryptocurrency, which is currently being investigated by the Malaysian Security Commission (SC). However, there were some mistakes in the video footage, where they showed footage of the BCMY wallet presentation together with the news. You can see the footage here.

The news is obviously about copycashcoin, which does not have any connection or relation with BCMY in any way, and we’re not sure why the editor of the news chose our wallet to be displayed in the background during the news cast. BCMY is a blockchain based, multi-asset wallet, which is registered in Singapore and has its SVF (Stored Value Facility) notification from the Monetary Authority Of Singapore. We have not ever affiliated ourselves with this copycashcoin.

Therefore, our legal team is currently working to deal with this issue. We are making this announcement to avoid confusion and misleading information among the public, especially our BCMY users.

Thank you for reading.

– Management team –


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