Dear Valued Users,
In accordance with recent status of BCMY, we would like to announce that, we are going to temporarily put BCMY App in downtime for a MAJOR YEARLY MAINTENANCE starting from 1st June 2019 until further notice. However the estimation downtime up to 2 (two) months.

Thus, we would like to extend the “NFC Clearance” period until 25th May 2019 in order for all users to fully utilize their NFC balance to purchase DNC (ONLY Available to purchase).

Please be reminded, that only DNC can be purchased during this period. Other features for NFC such as “Recharge” is not available. The features of crypto storage and P2P Transfer is still ongoing as usual until 25th May 2019. The daily transaction limit is still USD1,000 for level 4 users. After that period we are preparing for the servers downtime and finally will be temporarily close.

We are also pleased to encourage that all BCMY App users to register with Dinar Exchanger (DINEX) – and Peer-To-Peer (P2P) all your BTC and ETH assets in BCMY App to DINEX for storing, trading and exchange benefits. You may also P2P to other wallets that able to store Blockchain Assets.

For those who have not transferred their DNC for SWAP process, please kindly send your DNC in BCMY Wallet to below ADMIN Address :

Please be informed that all BCMY users are requested to send their DNC purchased from NFC OR stored in BCMY App to the address given above in order to expedite the process of deploying their new smart contract DNC to Dinar Exchanger (Dinex).

We are planning to distribute your Dinarcoin (DNC) with a new smart contract as below:
20th May 2019 – 24th May 2019
(You are not allow to send your DNC in BCMY directly to your DINEX account at any time, This is due to the smart contract in BCMY and DINEX is not built in the same smart contract. Please follow above instructions and contact as below:

Finance Team (+6013-458 0075 ) directly once you are done transferred OR
Business Team (+60 17-654 6530) directly once you are done transferred.

Kindly share this update to your peers, friends and family for any existing users. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For further inquiries and suggestions, kindly email us at

Thank you,
-BCMY Management-