Towards the launching of Dinar Exchange: Migration Process to the New DNC Ethereum Smart Contract

Dear Valued Users,

Please be informed that due to the planning on official launching of one of our partnership Dinar (DNC) Exchanger platform soon to be materialized in April 2019, we need to undergo a manual migration process for entire DNC Ethereum Old Smart Contract token holders.

The purpose of this process is to migrate entire old DNC Smart contract to the new DNC Smart Contract in order to ensure enhanced features of DNC Smart Contract which can be utilized in a simple and fair crypto asset management ecosystem powered by Blockchain Technology in a global and universal Blockchain network.

This process required all DNC’s token holders in BCMY Wallet to transfer their DNC assets to BCMY Admin Wallet within a specific period (date) of time as announced by BCMY Management. This may also include other wallet users holding / storing DNC assets such as MyEther Wallet.

Once the old smart contract DNC is sent to Admin BCMY Wallet, DNC Management team are going to process your assets into the migration process (manually) of ‘Minting’ a new DNC Smart Contract and will continue ‘Burning’ of Old smart contract. Once it’s been done, your DNC assets with a New DNC Ethereum Smart Contract will be sent to you. This process will take approximately such a tentative date as below:

2nd April 2019 – 5th April 2019:

Please transfer and informed the Admin Person in Charge (PIC)

  1. Finance Department : +6013-458 0075
  2. IT Department : +880 1552-377205
  3. Office : +6017-6546530

From (BCMY) Wallet –

  1. DNC Old Smart Contract users send their DNC to Admin BCMY Wallet Address – 0x957e993e4fa01434fb000b8e800f6f4eb2952e30

From MyEther (MEW) Wallet –

  1. DNC Old Smart Contract user send their DNC to Admin MyEther Wallet Address – 0x657e8C2E4C6F445A816EF42f9d6fDc72eBD71853

5th April 2019 – 7th April 2019:

All DNC New Smart Contract will be send / distribute to the users.

Kindly share this announcement to your peers, friends, and family for any existing BCMY users holding DNC (Dinarcoin) using existing Ethereum smart contract which we need to change into NEW ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACT. This will allow our smooth launching of our latest partnership with Dinar (DNC) Exchanger.

Please refer to below for your references for old and new smart contract:

Old Smart Contact

New Smart Contract

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Hope this process will allow you a better financial opportunity with a smooth new Blockchain innovation. For further inquiries and suggestions, kindly email us at or you can contact our personnel in charge as below:

  1. Finance Department : +6013-458 0075
  2. IT Department : +880 1552-377205
  3. Office : +6017-6546530

Thank you,
-BCMY Management-