Dear Valued BCMY Users,

As promised, we have reopened ‘Purchase Features’! Your NFC Cards have also been renewed and extended to 3-years. You can refer on our previous announcement here

Thus, to remind you, these are a few details that require your kind attention:

1. Users are giving this opportunity by ONLY exchange to DNC (Dinarcoin).

2. This feature from NFC to DNC exchange ONLY available from the 3rd to the 9th of March 2019.

3. Please do your exchange with a limited number of DNCs that can be purchased using NFC Card balance during this period.

4. Daily transactions limit is according to your verification level, so it is advised to verify your account into a Level 4 for you to enjoy the limit of max 1,000 USD per day of the exchange value.

5. Users can store and make P2P transfer of BTC, ETH & DNC as usual after this period (9th March 2019) as this wallet recognized as Decentralized Apps storage asset with P2P function.

Please be informed, you are also allowed to exchange your DNC into 1:1 value of physical gold Dinar (4.25 gram 999.9, 24k), after 9th March 2019. Please set your appointment with Harimau Mint Gold (HMG) to exchange your DNC in BCMY Wallet. The vault is located in Kuala Lumpur and service charges may incurred by their end. You may contact HMG through their hotline +6010-2018299 or via Email at
For further information of HMG, kindly refer to –

We would like to inform further, that this open period for “Purchase Asset” features is limited to ONE (1) WEEK ONLY. No further extension for the exchange period as any delays will only interfere with our application process with the Securities Commission of Malaysia. –…/list-of-digital-asset-exchanges-in-…

Please be advised to verify your balance after you have done your transactions. You can verify your DNC balance in the mobile app and as well as through Etherscan. You only need to tap History of Transactions in the mobile app to view the transactions and balance in the Etherscan link stated in BCMY Apps.

On the other hand, if you have mistakenly blocked your BCMY NFC Card. Please contact our support team for assistance. As a security measure, you will be required to give some personal information to verify your identity before the team can unblock your BCMY NFC Card.

Kindly share this update to your peers, friends and family for any existing users. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please stay tuned, as we will bring more exciting news in the coming weeks!

For further inquiries and suggestions, kindly email us at

Thank you.

-BCMY Management-