The digital age has changed society in such a rapid manner that we have had to adopt our understanding and definition of almost everything that we already know. This is also true for our idea of assets. Assets are a resource of value that can be owned by an individual or a company, examples of this include cash, inventory or properties. However what societies view of items of value has changed dramatically in recent times with digital items becoming more and more valuable due to our increased reliance on computers and digital data. Therefore, we have seen the inception of a new term, “Digital Asset”. A digital asset is content that exists in digital form, in a binary format, that is owned or has the right to be owned by an individual. This can include files such as photos, videos, text, spreadsheets, presentations, emails and anything else you can store digitally. This definition was expanded to give next of kin access to their deceased relatives digital assets in the event of their death. The legislation included other forms of digital data including social media profiles on top of the previous assets as mentioned before.

As people are gaining more digital assets, it is becoming more important to have a safe place to store them. Unlike physical assets, they can’t be put away under lock and key. This is where mobile digital asset wallets come in. There are many to choose from but some of the best can be found in the list below.

Dice Wallet

Dice wallet is a simple digital wallet that can be used to make the users life easier. The wallet supports bitcoins and some of the other major altcoins, some of which include: DOGE, XRP, KDC, DDC, LTC and more. What makes Dice wallet stand out from others is the creators ambition to make an ‘All in one digital wallet’ as it will let you buy and sell many digital wallets instantly with just a few clicks. It is also safe as security is the company’s main priority. They also provide various special offer and promotions for both old and new customers. The services are globally available for ultimate convenience to its customers, who are able to control their digital assets anytime or anywhere.


Jaxx can be used by everyone as it has been designed to work and sync across all devices, from Windows, Firefox, Chrome, Apple, Android and many more. Jaxx stands out from other digital wallets as they have nothing to hide, they provide their codebase on their website for everyone to see and inspect. It is not just about what the wallet can do, but also its design. The app is user driven and therefore the entire experience is frictionless and intuitive to use, plus privacy and inclusivity is key.

ANX Vault

ANX is a powerful digital assets mobile wallet that is powered by ANX Technology. It is one of the world’s largest one stop shop for blockchain technology. The app can be downloaded via the app store for iOS devices. It can be used for bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, LTC, XRP and a few others. The ANX platform supplies it with industrial strength security standards so that users can rest assured that their assets are will protected. Additionally, you are able to view live market information and live insights from the company about major bitcoin exchanges around the world.


Mycelium, a mobile wallet that is named after a fungus that is believed to be one of the largest living organisms in the world. The wallet itself is easy to use and has become one of the standards for mobile wallets. You can back up your bitcoins using HD (12 English words) which helps to preserve your privacy as separate addresses are used for each transaction that is made in the wallet. You are also able to separate your accounts, such as keeping separate your income and your savings, as all you have to do is add an extra wallet, each of which will have to be backed up separately. QR codes can be used as private keys, therefore can be scanner straight to your device. One of its biggest benefits is the fact that it can be connected with various hardware bitcoins such as Trezor or Ledger if the user does not fully trust the mobile device that they are using.


Copay is considered one of the best mobile digital asset wallets as it is one of the best cross platform bitcoin wallets created. It is not only it is available for Android devices, but also Windows phones, Mac, Linus and more. It also deserves to make the list due to the fact that it has a multi-signature feature that means that a single bitcoin wallet can be set up easily that has multiple users as signatories. In this way, the funds can be split between several devices which will increase security even more. From a hackers point of view, it is a lot harder to attack multiple devices rather than just one. It has many feature including push notifications that will let you know when you have incoming funds and various others. is aiming to be one of the best quality cryptocurrencies in the world, and is going the right way about doing this. It will provide the best services and support for the cryptocurrency community as a whole, and prove that despite contrary belief, that a cryptocurrency is in fact a legitimate alternative to fiat money. A lot of time and care was put into creating the wallet, with particular focus on user satisfaction and creating a safe environment for its users while also being extremely user friendly.

There are many reasons why should be used over other wallets. Primarily it has the functions to be able to store, transfer, receive and exchange and become merchants. It also has other added perks and benefits such as the user can make use of a QR code to make and receive payments which can save a lot of time. has peer to peer functions which means that users care able to locate the merchants that they want to use and see them on a map, making them easy to locate.

In terms of security, have done everything that they can to make the wallet as secure as possible. All data is encrypted as it travels from client to application, the application will automatically lock itself after a set time if the user is vacant for a set period of time, the system will only allow for one session at a time, if another session is opened then the first will be closed, plus Wallet Factory is fully integrated with international payment systems.

The wallet has several partners including Nuspay, DinarDirham, Saba Capital Inc and FXBitLab. Currently the wallet is in BETA mode, and is available for owners of DinarCoins which can be found at . You are more than welcome to give the wallet a try by signing up. All you have to do is go onto the website and input your email address and then you will be notified as soon as the wallet becomes available.

The world is changing, and the need for a fully functional, user friendly and safe wallet for everyone is becoming more needed, therefore is coming at the perfect time. Although currently many people will not even know about the existence of cryptocurrencies and wallets that are used to store them, in time it will be a staple app that everyone will have on their phone without questioning it. We are in a digital age and it is important to roll with the times and make use of the technology that is available.