As you should know if you’ve been keeping up with our social media, that ( recently took 3rd place in the SIC Malaysia conference for INNOVATION TRACK  champion for the INTERNATIONALISATION TRACK,  and will be heading to the SIC finals in Switzerland!

The SIC Malaysia conference is part of the bigger Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia 2017, culminating in Switzerland, which is our next stop. Keep your ears open for news on that.

The Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia started in January of 2017, and they have filtered through hundreds of innovations from various Asian countries. You can read more about the process and our journey to this point here. This conference for the Malaysia finals was held on: 18/09/2017.

The best moment of the conference (for us at least), was when we received both awards of:
Champion of International Business Strategy – winning $5,000 USD & Sponsored Tickets to the Switzerland Pitching event. And…
3rd Place of the Innovation Challenge – winning $3,000 USD.

The experience has been amazing so far, and to quote from a speech given at the conference by YBHg Tan Sri Anthony Francis “Tony” Fernandes:

Malaysian[s] can be anything, we can be the best. Live with your dream, you can be anything you want [to be.]”.

Congrats to everyone involved! We’re so proud to be part of this competition. The more people who say we can’t, the stronger we will fight to succeed.

Let’s watch the moment of truth together:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
The team.