A cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that uses encryption techniques to control the generation and transfer of currency units. A process known as mining confirms the transfer of currency between peers in a public ledger, and also gives the miners compensation in the cryptocurrency they’re “mining”.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming a global phenomena. Banks, governments, and companies are now adopting this disruptive technology, although it’s uses remains somewhat unknown to many.  Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have been gaining ground and understanding of their significance and application in the public eye has increased. Major banks, software companies, and accounting firms, have undertaken major researches on cryptocurrency, and some have even started their own blockchain projects.

The first and most important cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, emerged after its unknown inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, made an announcement that he had developed “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

Advantages Of Digital Currency

Digital currencies offer unprecedented rewards, and are continually gaining legitimacy globally in commerce, legislatures, and courtrooms. Evidently, digital currencies are disrupting the long accepted ways of banking and cash transfers, and this has left financial giants in turmoil. As businesses evolve and seek out cheaper, faster, and more convenient solutions for their customers, digital currencies appear to be right at the top of possible solutions.

Business travelers who do business globally will no longer be as affected by currency exchange rate fees. Digital currencies boast an almost-universal recognition, eliminating the need to pay currency conversion fees. This level of security makes it harder for malicious users to steal digital units.

There are various places where digital currencies can be used. Bitcoins can be spent in the BitcoinStore, a marketplace that sells electronic gadgets at competitive prices. One of the biggest online booking travel agencies, Expedia, has partnered with Coinbase to include Bitcoin in its payment options. Since 2014, users have been paying for their hotel bookings using the digital currency.

Overstock.com became the first ever online retailer to accept bitcoin payments. Using the digital currency, customers can purchase everything from electronic gadgets to throw pillows.

A number of recreational centers across the globe are now taking digital currencies as a form of payment. The Saw Mill Café in Stanford, East London, and Downtown Johnny Brown’s restaurant in San Diego are among the hundreds of outlets that accepts bitcoins in return for various styles of food.

Other notable businesses to spend your digital currency include; taxi companies, sports and theatre agents, and coffee shops. The list of outlets that accept digital currencies is surging by the day. Soon, digital currency spending will only be limited by one’s imaginations. We compiled a list of places to spend your Bitcoins, you can read that here.

Digital Currency Debit Cards

Just like other credit cards, cryptocurrency debit cards are loaded with funds from linked digital eWallets and can be used wherever a credit card is accepted. In the U.S, most card type systems are available in US dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. Digital currency debit cards like Coinbase’s allows users to buy digital currency units or pull Bitcoins from their digital wallets directly, hence saving customers the need to keep their digital wallets separate from the card’s wallet.


TokenCard is a deposit-less Ethereum token-based debit card & platform. TKN is a special kind of Ethereum token. It’s an asset backed token where the assets represent an accumulation of different ERC20 tokens over a period of time. TokenCard does not have access to your private keys. Instead, you publish your own smart contract wallet and give your TokenCard an ‘allowance’ that’s defined in the contract’s code. For example, an allowance could be 5 ETH per day. TokenCard’s fees are around 1.5% for regular tokens like ETH and REP. However, if you spend using TKN it’s just 0.5%. This card can be used at terminals throughout the globe.

The Core Elements Of TokenCard

TokenCard And The Token Contract Wallet

TokenCard allows you to spend ERC20 tokens at terminals around the world. The Token Contract Wallet is an Ethereum Smart Contract wallet that functions as a user’s token bank account, funds are taken from it whenever you swipe your card. You never have to deposit money, your funds are secured inside a Contract Wallet that you control — allowances made to enable TokenCard transactions are set by you the user, and can be modified or revoked at any time.

Token App

Token App allows users to interact with their Contract Wallet. Users can set-up innovative spending options based on different parameters and curate their security profile to fit their lifestyle. The App provides on-the-fly information about transactions. Whenever a user swipes their card, a transaction entry will simultaneously appear in his Token App — this entry shows transaction details such as transaction location (using Google map’s API), establishment type, and amount spent. Users can also re-balance their token portfolio by using the in-app token-token exchange.

Bitcoin Debitcard

Bitcoin debit cards include the Cryptopay Debit Card, SpectroCoin VISA Debit Card, Bitwala Visa Debit Card , Shift, and bitpay.

Bitcoin Debit Card Features

It’s easy to load your Bitcoin Debit Card with funds from your Bitcoin wallet and spend virtual or traditional currencies anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

A BTCexpress bitcoin debit card works online, offline, and internationally, making it simple for customers to use bitcoin at millions of businesses around the world.

There is no verification process to purchase a Bitcoin Black Card. The process is simple, just tell us where to ship your card, pay with bitcoin online, and your card will be on it’s way.

Advantages Of Bitcoin Debit Cards

Anonymous and secure online purchases and withdrawals of funds at any ATM worldwide can be done with a bitcoin debit card. It’s also possible to quickly and easily create a shopping cart to accept Bitcoin payments on your website. There is no id/no credit check required to obtain the debit card.


Xapo is a Switzerland-based company that provides a bitcoin wallet combined with a cold storage vault and a bitcoin-based debit card. Xapo was founded by CEO and entrepreneur Wences Casares. Xapo serves major markets like China, Japan, Canada, and the U.K.

XAPO card price are slightly above average, at $15 USD/EUR/GBP. Like Wirex, you also have to pay for a “virtual” card, this time, $2.50. And there are monthly service fees for all their cards, even the virtual ones, so you get two monthly fees. There is also a 1% card loading fee as well.

What’s The Difference Between A Standard Or High Priority Transaction Fee?

Bitcoin transactions must have a mining fee attached to them in order to ensure that they are successfully processed. This fee is paid to the bitcoin miners so that they are able to process transactions and secure the network. No portion of this fee goes to Xapo.


TenX is a Bitcoin card which originated from Singapore. TenX uses the Dash debit card. Originally a Bitcoin debit card, TenX later added Ethereum, but pursued Dash recently under popular demand.

One unique feature about the TenX card is the ability for users to maintain a balance in cryptocurrency. This means that a user can keep their entire balance in Dash, and it will be exchanged only when swiped, much like Coinbase’s Shift card for Bitcoin.

The three greatest differences are the extremely low fees, the multi-currency option, and the benefit of leaving your money in Dash.


Monaco card allows users to spend and send money globally at perfect interbank exchange rates, saving EUR30-40 on every EUR500 equivalent spent. The Monaco Card will work on the VISA® network, giving it world-wide acceptance. Besides traditional funding sources, Monaco can be funded with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens.

Features Of The Monaco App

  • The card allows spending of Ether or Bitcoin online or offline with a physical Monaco VISA® Card, wherever VISA® cards are accepted.
  • Only the exact amount that you spend with your Monaco VISA® Card will be exchanged using ETH/BTC in real-time when you swipe your card, with the rest being securely stored in your wallet, of which only you have access.
  • You can send money from Monaco App in 23 currencies to 120 countries worldwide for free.
  • Sending money between Monaco App users is free & real-time, with the money being instantly available for the recipient on their Monaco VISA® Card.
  • Customer onboarding can be done entirely via the mobile App – a process taking less than 3 minutes


Blockchains.my is a decentralized mobile wallet app developed using Blockchain technology, mobile devices, and advanced security of biometric identification systems. It is a platform that simplifies the process of making payments, as well as trading and exchanging digital currencies and digital gold among users with a real-time price monitoring facility. The wallet is integrated with Visa Debit Card & NFC Smart Card to create an association between the conventional financial services and the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchains.my doesn’t need documents and signatures to verify user’s identity. We have implemented biometric identification via face recognition by using Microsoft Azure API. Users can securely take part in various financial activities while being firmly protected by our biometric identifications. With a simple UX and UI, users will be able to login to Blockchains.my easily.

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