SIC MalaysiaWe are pleased to announce that the digital wallet app will be in the Swiss Innovation Challenge (SIC) Asia 2017! We will be in the Malaysia sector.  

The competition is happening today and is designed to foster learning and a display of skills for innovative Malaysians.

Our advanced digital wallet must be weighed and measured against other technology companies and experts in the world of innovative technology. This will help ensure ourselves and our customers that we are going in the right direction.

Here’s the chronology so far, of the Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia 2017 (SIC 2017):

NOV 2016:

200 Innovation companies/projects in Malaysia submitted their proposals to the SIC 2017 committee .


Only 100 companies/projects were selected to be pitched at the first phase pitching competition in March.

MARCH 2017:

From 100 companies/projects pitched in the competition, only 50 were selected to go to the next round. These 50 needed to write up a proposal, be given a consultation by UTM (the Swiss Experts for the Internationalization Selection), and they also needed to join a series of events on entrepreneurship & innovation under the Organizer of SIC 2017 at UTM KL until June 2017.

JUNE 2017:

Second Phase Pitch happened at UTM. From the 50 companies/projects from that round, only 25 teams were selected for the Malaysia Final Pitch on September 2017.


Will be the Final Phase Pitch for the Top 25 Companies. From 25 of us, only the best 2 will go to the Final Phase  SIC ASIA in Switzerland in October 2017.


THE FINAL SIC ASIA 2017 in Switzerland.

  • Malaysia : 2 Teams
  • Vietnam : 2 Teams
  • Thailand :  2 Teams
  • Indonesia : 2 Teams

The SIC 2017 competition is very strict and is monitored the whole way through by professors, experts, and industry players from UTM and Switzerland. We’re very pleased that so far, BCMY is number 1 out of the other companies and projects, which have professors, high tech innovation companies, and organizations involved with them.

Keep an eye out, and wish us well for the final rounds this month and hopefully in October in Switzerland! And please, if you love what we’re doing, share this on your social media, and with others you think would find it interesting.

Have a wonderful weekend!
The team.