The traditional wallet has been the stalwart companion for millions of people for the sole purpose of keeping their valuables and personal information, such as: cash, credit cards, family photographs, driver’s licenses, and much more. A wallet can be an inconvenience, as it seems to get bigger day by day, not to mention the insecurity that comes along with physically carrying around your cash and personal documents.

To combat theft or loss and to increase your payment efficiency, you may want to consider the digital wallet. This term is broadly used to refer to a number of technologies that enable you to perform numerous tasks that a normal wallet would. It is a secure system that stores the user’s passwords and information for many websites, and gives various payment options to choose from. Some can enable fast and easy purchase of goods and services through Near Field Communications technology (NFC). It is estimated that there are over 2 billion smartphones in the world (those running on the android platform alone!), and the use of cashless payment systems is on the rise. This makes eWallet apps a quite convenient payment option in many places. Most digital wallets work in conjunction with many mobile payments services allowing the users to access their accounts through their smartphones. Basically, a digital wallet is an electronic version of your wallet, only more flexible and convenient.

Choosing an e-wallet to use may be a tricky affair because there are numerous choices out there with many features that you should consider. The market is dominated by some popular names like Paypal, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay, that utilize a range of payment services like Bitcoin and many more. The factors to consider before deciding on any particular one are:

The digital wallet you choose should essentially enable you to easily integrate your accounts with the checkout option at hand, without interrupting the payment process. In addition, the wallet should give you a frictionless platform for your consumer services while storing all your payment information, including gift cards, coupons, loyalties, transaction histories, shopping lists, etc. E-wallets are also fast and almost instantaneous. Online payments are completed with just a few clicks, and transactions are stored for later viewing.

Transaction Fees, Ease of Pay, & Scheduling:
Digital wallets are free for consumers. In spite of this, some vendors usually charge the merchants an agreed percentage for every successful transaction that happens through their wallet(s). In other cases, the merchants are charged a flat fee from the vendors after the latter calculates the transactions between the cardholders and the merchants.

All this should not worry you the consumer. Some wallets use NFC technology. This allows for the consumer to pay by simply bumping devices or passing over a NFC reader, allowing for easier transferring of funds electronically.

Your preferred wallet should also have the capacity to schedule and take care of due payments on your behalf.

Because you will be linking your digital wallet directly to your bank account, credit cards, and debit cards, security is by far the most vital factor to keep an eye on. Ensure that the digital wallet you select has a system that highly encrypts and secures your data. The encryption process should ensure that your actual account information is not stored in their raw form. Safety guidelines should be set to prevent you from being billed twice in case you accidentally tap multiple times.

Your account should be protected by a PIN or password. This comes in handy for when your digital wallet is lost or stolen as it is very important that you disconnect your personal information from the wallet so that only you can access it. Lastly, be wary of any sites that require your personal information, lest your identity is stolen.

Ease of Setup and Use:
It is imperative to choose a payment gateway that is easy to use and readily integrates with various shopping carts. A good wallet should integrate seamlessly with your website or web application. You really don’t want to try a wallet that can eat into valuable time setting up and learning. –
In the sense of providing a very secure & advanced, convenient, and multi-asset digital wallet, the application (now is one very recent example. They offer a range of new features that are outstanding from other apps. These include a four layer user verification  (including facial recognition) that has made them among the most secure of digital wallet  applications. It also monitors the changing prices of (currently): Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Gold Smart Contracts (GSC) and DinarCoins (DNC). The wallet then uses this real time information to conduct in-app trades and transactions.

By enabling only client side encryption, this application ensures that the user is the only party that has access to funds and information. This eliminates any possibility of identity theft or utilization of your funds by any other party that might access your smartphone or whichever device that has your personal data. In addition, your account can only be opened in one device at a time, if you log into another device (through the 4 step verification process – including facial recognition), the last device will log off automatically, if you didn’t do so already.

In addition to all this, is compatible with debit/credit cards, QR codes, and NFC smartcards. Paypal, another popular digital wallet app, offers a similar feature, except that it is only available in select countries.

With this app you have the freedom to conveniently interact with GSC and DNC features, burn, mint, and redeem them into physical gold at select locations. All this you can access after a short registration where you create your profile, after which you get the ability to gain access to a P2P chat room, a cryptocurrency accepting merchant map, and a payment gateway for merchants.

In the event that your device may be damaged or stolen, the wallet protects the user from lost data by automatically backing up every purchase and currency transfer transacted. does not require any signatures or documents to verify the user’s identification. They utilize biometric technology through facial recognition by Microsoft Face API. has created a unique and easy, very secure platform for individuals and partners alike to help stimulate economic growth. This way, many startup companies and already existing businesses can now provide customer services using their wallet.

With the advancement in technology, digital wallet systems have helped spawn digital thieves. However, this wallet app goes out of their way to ensure that your data and finances are secure and known only to you.

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